Terms & Conditions
This agreement represents the sole agreement between Cargo Direct and the customer.

All quotations are prepared based on the information from the customer at the time, if there are any changes to list of items, distances, stairs levels or date of move, the final price may change accordingly.

Cargo Direct reserves the right to employ sub-contractors.

In case goods don’t fit through doorways and passages, an attempt will be made to employ alternative means. Yet this is at the customer’s own risk and can lead to additional charges for the work and time involved.

The customer hereby gives Cargo Direct permission to handle the goods in the premises on the written date.

Payment shall be effected by customer via EFT, or cash in the following conduct, 50% deposit upon acceptance of quotation (proof of payment faxed or emailed) and balance in cash on arrival at delivery address before off loading of contents.

Bookings on a specific date and time are only secured upon receipt of the deposit.
As security for all monies owing for the handling of the goods Cargo Direct shall have lien over all goods until Cargo Direct has been paid in full.

Cargo Direct reserves the right to take damaged goods to a contractor of their choice.

Interest will be charged at 5% compounded monthly on all unpaid accounts.
You may not withhold any payment because of any claim you may wish to make against us.

We are not liable for loss or damage resulting from any:

  • war (whether declared or not), invasion, sabotage, civil war, rebellion, military coup or similar situation beyond our reasonable control;
  • fire, burglary or flood while items are in our care,
  • moth, vermin or similar infestation;
  • cleaning, repairing or restoring;
  • wear and tear, rust, leakage or evaporation;
  • atmospheric or climatic change;
  • discolouration, such as any change of colour, fading, stain, and so on,
  • worsening quality or condition of any food, plant or perishable item,
  • difficult access to or from any room, building or other location.

Insurance remains the customer’s responsibility.
We strongly advise you to insure your consignment against as many risks of packing, moving, shipping and storage as possible.
We advise that you insure items for their full replacement value at your destination.